I’ve never been to a dispensary before, how does the process work? What should I expect on my first visit?

When you arrive at the dispensary, hold your Program ID card up to the camera located outside of the vestibule and press the call button. Once inside the vestibule, you will be allowed entrance into the lobby. Only one person is allowed in the vestibule at a time. After you are let into the lobby, hand your Program ID card and accepted form of identification to a front desk associate so they can check you into the system. For new patients, the front desk associate will create a profile for you in our point of sale system. New patients will be given a Patient Agreement form to be filled out with the help of one of our dispensary agents. We have patient handbooks available to all patients and caregivers upon request.

Once your profile is completed and the Patient Agreement is signed, the front desk associate will allow entrance onto the sales floor, where you will wait in a queue for the next available patient service advocate. When a patient service advocate becomes available, they will call you to their station and check your Program ID card and identification a second time. Our patient service advocates are trained to answer any questions about our products and assist you in choosing the best product specific to your needs. During the transaction, all medicated products will be entered into the CCC tracking system as required by Massachusetts state law. Your products will be labeled with your name and patient registration number and placed into an opaque child-proof bag with a receipt. This product is strictly for you; distributing cannabis to any other individual is illegal. Any unused, excess, or contaminated product can be brought back to the store in which they were purchased for proper disposal.

When leaving the dispensary, make sure to place all products in the trunk of your car or in a place that cannot be accessed easily by the driver or visible from the outside. Make sure to wait until you get home before opening your products. It is against the law to consume any marijuana product in a public space or in your car. Driving under the influence of cannabis is prohibited by M.G.L. c. 90, § 24, and machinery should not be operated. Make sure to keep all products out of reach of children and pets when you are home, and keep them in the childproof container that we provide at all times.

Take a virtual tour of our Taunton Dispensary before you visit: