What are the marijuana safety and responsibility considerations as a medical patient?


When choosing cannabis as a medicine, it is important to use it responsibly. Cannabis can slow reaction times and impair motor skills, so driving or operating heavy machinery is strictly illegal. When driving with cannabis in your vehicle, your products must remain in a child-proof container and must be placed in your trunk or somewhere out of reach of the driver. At home, make sure you keep your products in a child-proof container and store it in a secure area out of reach of children and pets. Public consumption is strictly prohibited, so please enjoy your medicated products in the comfort of your home. If you are a new user, we recommend having someone with you for your first experience.

When you purchase a product with us, remember that it is meant for you or the patient you are caring for. Diversion of cannabis products of any kind is illegal. Do not give or sell any marijuana products to minors and never take medicated product across state lines. Selling the cannabis that you have purchased from any dispensary is illegal. Gifting medical cannabis is always illegal, regardless of the recreational cannabis laws. Medical cannabis products are strictly meant for the medical patient in which they are purchased for.

We want you to feel safe at Commonwealth Alternative Care. If you see any suspicious or illegal activity, please report it to one of our dispensary agents or local law enforcement.

If you need any additional assistance while visiting our location, please let one of our patient service advocates know and we’ll gladly help you.