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Commonwealth Alternative Care SHATTER & WAX

This is Russ and Nick from C.A.C. Labs. Here's a look at what we do and a peek at some of the best-in class cannabis shatter & wax that we create. Our methods and formulations were developed by our in-house team of chemists and biologists who have developed our vast and ever growing product line up, from ultra premium offerings, to consistent- and competitive-high quality, entry-level products. We use proprietary extraction techniques surrounding delicate isolations and separations of cannabinoids and terpenoids to create true, full-spectrum, raw expression extracts, as well as deconstructed and ratio specific formulations to infuse into our products. From our internal analytical chemistry lab, we are able to identify peak desirable terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids and combine them with premium, non-GMO, direct trade, organic ingredients to create unparalleled product families under the brands of One concentrates.

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