Can I become addicted to marijuana?


As with all substances, it is possible to become dependent on cannabis. Although physical dependence is not substantiated by research, psychological dependence is possible with the overuse of any substance or activity. Substance abuse of any kind is not something to be taken lightly. Heavy, consistent use of cannabis can lead to tolerance build up and withdrawal symptoms.

The signs and symptoms of cannabis abuse are similar to many addictions, despite the different physical effects. Consider talking to someone if you recognize any of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Responsibilities are being neglected because of your drug use, whether at school, work, or at home.

  • You are getting into legal trouble, such as a DUI or stealing to support your habit.

  • Your cannabis use is putting strain on your personal relationships.

  • You are taking risks while under the influence or using cannabis under dangerous conditions.

  • Drug use has taken over your life. Your time is spent using, or thinking about using, drugs, trying to find them, or recovering from the effects of using them.

  • You feel withdrawal symptoms after short periods of time not using cannabis or other drugs, including anxiety, restlessness, depression, nausea, and more.

  • You have lost control, use more than you intend, or feel powerless over stopping.

  • You have stopped caring about activities once enjoyed.

  • You know the drug use is harming you but continue to use regardless.

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