How do I determine medical marijuana dosing for myself?

We recommend starting with the smallest dose possible. For flower, this means taking one or two puffs and waiting about 20 minutes before consuming any more. Concentrates are much more potent than flower, ranging from 50-99% THC. For our cartridges and disposable vape pens, we recommend taking one puff and waiting at least 20 minutes before consuming more. For our concentrates, we recommend using a pinpoint size of concentrate and waiting at least 20 minutes before consuming more.

Because edibles can be very intense, we suggest no more than a 5 milligram (mg) dose of THC at one time. After your first dose, wait at least two hours before consuming any more. The general rule is “start low and go slow.” Common mistakes people make with edibles are consuming too much for the first dose or consuming more before the effects fully set in. You can always consume more, but you can never go back and consume less. Keep track of the time you consume your first dose in order to accurately judge if and when to take a second dose.

You should never consume edibles on an empty stomach. Eating a full meal beforehand can offset the intensity of the effects. A meal that is high in fat will also increase the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, allowing for more to enter your bloodstream at a slower rate.


Everyone’s tolerance is different, varying with factors such as metabolism, body weight, and body chemistry. Eating a big meal beforehand, which we recommend, will also influence the time it takes to feel the effects of ingested cannabis.