ABC 6 WLNE-TV: Taunton medical marijuana dispensary aims to get its recreational license

CAC is just one of three stores in Massachusetts under the multi-national cannabis company, TILT. The other locations will be in Brockton and Cambridge.

"If you look at the numbers coming out of places like Colorado and California, the transition from medical to recreational, you tend to see a 10-15 percent increase in demand when you make it accessible to anybody 21 and older," said TILT CEO Alex Coleman.

If all goes well, Coleman said CAC will have their license to sell recreational marijuana by January. To meet the high demand, they're expecting to fill 225 jobs at the Taunton facility.

"For any municipality that's accepting of cannabis companies, it means jobs, it means tax revenue."

Marijuana isn't only sold at CAC to medical marijuana users, it's also grown there. The facility, that started selling in July, has nearly 20,000 plants in its cultivation processing manufacturing center.

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