Taunton Gazette: Mozzone Boulevard facility first in Taunton to get retail marijuana license

“The sale of recreational, retail marijuana in the city is one step closer to becoming something real.

“I think it was historic,” said Glenn McElfresh, referring to the 9-to-1 vote taken by the City Council on Tuesday night to approve a license to operate a retail-pot business on Mozzone Boulevard.

McElfresh, who describes himself as compliance officer for Commonwealth Alternative Care, was one of a handful of representatives of the company who sat down with the council’s police and license committee.

The full council later in the evening voted to approve the first-of-its-kind license request…

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Meet CAC Taunton's Training Manager, Rhyder!

Name: Rhyder Cookman
Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
Years in Cannabis: 5
Role at CAC: Training Manage
Favorite movie: Galaxy Quest or Ernest Scared Stupid


What is your cannabis origin story? 
I went to Denver for vacation and to check out the exploding cannabis industry.  I saw my opportunity to get involved and jumped at it. 3 weeks after vacation i moved across the country and dove headfirst into the industry.

What did you do before this and how did it prepare you for your role today?
 Prior to getting involved in the cannabis industry I went to college for animation and have a background in retail. I’ve managed everything from a Halloween store to kitchen equipment.  Once I got into the industry I moved up the ranks and transitioned into a training role. 

What is your strain of choice?
LA Kush Cake

Favorite delivery method?
Dabs and flower.

How do you ensure first time visitors are comfortable with their first dispensary experience?
It’s my job to make sure the staff have the tools and knowledge to provide visitors with an exceptional and educational experience. We send all our retail members through a week long classroom based training on everything from legalities to the endocannabinoid system and everything in between to ensure they’re comfortable and confident!

Do you have any hobbies or collections?
In my free time I build replica movie props! Currently i’m working on a Lightsaber and a Ghostbusters Proton Pack!

Where do you go to learn more about cannabis?
So many places!  I read a lot of research and scientific papers to build a well rounded knowledge base.  

What is the coolest new cannabis-related gadget you’ve seen recently?
 While not necessarily new the Puffco Peak is a game changer for dabbing!

What’s your favorite CAC product right now?
Any of our live resins!

What do you like most about working at CAC? 
The people. I get to work with an incredible and diverse team while helping our patients learn the benefits of a life amplified by cannabis.

What is the most difficult part of your job?
The constant changes presented from the legal aspects of the industry. Regulations change often and we have to stay on top of it to ensure we’re compliant.

Meet CAC Taunton's Cultivation Techncian Kait!


Name: Kait 
Hometown: Bridgewater, MA
Years in Cannabis: 10 months
Role at CAC: Cultivation Technician
Nickname: Kellis

What is your cannabis origin story? 

I have been a cannabis advocate for around 10 years now. About a year ago I decided to change the career path that I was on and jump into the cannabis industry to help people in a new way. 

What did you do before this and how did it prepare you for your role today?

Before working at Commonwealth Alternative Care I was heavily involved in the special needs community. I worked as a Developmental Specialist helping the adult special needs population, heavily leaning towards adults with autism. This prepared me for my role today because I learned to be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment. I also was able to see first hand the benefits medicinal cannabis can have on people with epilepsy as well as anxiety in people with autism. It is truly an amazing plant. 

What is your strain of choice? 

Mimosa! Or anything with citrus notes. 

What is your favorite edible? 

Chroma Peppermints!!! America runs on Dunkin’ and I run on CHROMA. They're the bomb.

Favorite delivery method? e.g.  smoke, dab, vape, eat, topical.

 I love smoking flower, specifically blunts. I definitely do love a good edible though!

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned about cannabis recently?

In 1949 the US military made a synthetic form of cannabis. 1mg had effects reported as lasting up to 3 days!

How do you ensure first time visitors are comfortable with their first dispensary experience? 

Being a part of the cultivation team, I ensure our visitors are comfortable by always striving to grow the cleanest, best product. 

What do you do for fun? 

I am a HUGE gamer. I love video games. I also love to spend time in my garden (cannabis and vegetable) and I love spending as much time with my nephews as possible.

Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I have a huge crystal/rock collection, I have ever since I was a little kid. I also collect houseplants. 

Where do you go to learn more about cannabis?

I go to my coworkers! They are all super knowledgeable and definitely know a lot of the answers. I also absolutely love reading books about cannabis. 

What is the coolest new cannabis-related gadget you’ve seen recently?

A nectar collector! They are super cool and convenient. Great if you need to take your rig with you!

What’s your favorite CAC product right now? 

NF1 ANYTHING!! Can’t get enough of it.

What do you like most about working at CAC? 
My co-workers. They are some of the funniest, most interesting, knowledgeable people I’ve ever known. 

Learn More About: The World’s Largest THCA Crystal!

We have received a number of questions from our patients and fans about our giant 221g THCA Crystal. We spoke with CAC’s Laboratory Director, Russ Draffen, to provide you with some answers! Russ led the lab in the growth of this Crystal, and the results speak for themselves.

crystal 1.jpg

Russ tells us that the Crystal has a purity of 99.99%. The benefit of isolating THC-A to such an extent is in the control that it gives the lab in creating subsequent formulations and products. The patients can know the exact percentage of THC-A in the products they get from our dispensary when the plant components are isolated with such specificity.

By the lab’s calculations, this crystal is equivalent to approximately 8,000 grams of flower, or 4,420 dabs - given that each dab is .05g of the crystal. However, in this state, it will not offer a high. THC-A must be heated in order to be converted to THC. Before that conversion, THC-A is non-psychoactive, so you can consume (or in one fan’s words, “lick”) this crystal, and you may experience the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabinoids, but you will not experience a high. Many people who avoid psychoactive properties find this appealing, and they can consume THC-A by crushing crystals and dosing them into pills. Those who prefer a high may deliver it as a dab. Whichever way a patient chooses to deliver it, there is surely enough of this crystal to last a patient for a very long time.

The Crystal in its growing conditions. Source: Russ Draffen

The Crystal in its growing conditions. Source: Russ Draffen

It took two months for this Crystal to develop, and, according to Russ, our lab has the capability of putting it back under its growing conditions to allow it to continue growing if they so choose. (And perhaps they will...we will keep you posted.) At this size, the worth is difficult to put a ticket on. Each gram alone may be worth $90, so you would think that converts to about $20,000. However, a crystal grown to this size as one unified piece is worth a lot more than the sum of its parts. 

Russ Draffen with the THCA Crystal, and his photos from the process. Source: Russ Draffen

Russ Draffen with the THCA Crystal, and his photos from the process. Source: Russ Draffen

So why did CAC’s lab decide to grow the world’s largest THC-A crystal?  “When it started growing, I knew I was on to something, so I kept it going,” says Russ Draffen. The lab had the materials and the motivation to try something new, so why not give it a shot? “We knew that no one else was really doing it to this extent,” Russ adds. 

We currently plan to display the THC-A Crystal in our dispensary in the coming months so that our patients may see it to believe it. Keep an eye on our social media for our Reveal Date Announcement!

Taunton Daily Gazette: Marijuana retail shops in Taunton would span the city

TAUNTON – When it comes to host community agreements for retail-marijuana shops, the current picture in Taunton is literally all over the map.

Nine entities so far have been granted the first-step agreements by the City Council to open retail pot shops — with locations ranging from East Taunton’s Liberty and Union Industrial Park to the westerly 400 block of Winthrop Street and points in between.

Only one of them, Commonwealth Alternative Care, has so far been granted a special permit to grow and sell recreational marijuana.

Commonwealth Alternative Care already has a foothold in the city.

That group for nearly a year has been growing and selling medical marijuana and cannabis products on industrial-zoned Mozzone Boulevard off of Route 140/County Street.

And since opening, Commonwealth Alternative Care has expanded its medical pot cultivation, or growing, capacity.

It also this year got City Council approval to grow recreational marijuana inside a separate, adjacent building….

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Taunton Daily Gazette: Taunton could soon have its first recreational pot store

“The company that since late last year has been growing and selling medical marijuana on Mozzone Boulevard is one step closer to selling recreational cannabis.

The Taunton City Council voted 8-to-1 Tuesday night to grant a special permit to Commonwealth Alternative Care Inc. to utilize its building at 30A and 30B Mozzone Boulevard for the retail, growth, research and transportation of recreational marijuana…”

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Business Wire: TILT Announces Capacity Expansion Approval for Commonwealth Alternative Care

“CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT” or the “Company”) (CSE: TILT) (OTCQB: SVVTF), a leading provider of products and services to businesses operating in the cannabis industry, today announced that on Tuesday, April 2nd, the City Council of Taunton, Massachusetts voted 8-1 to grant a special permit to operate an adult-use cannabis manufacturing facility to Commonwealth Alternative Care (“CAC”), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of TILT.

The permit allows a 19,602 square foot adult-use manufacturing facility at 16 Mozzone Boulevard, adjacent to TILT’s existing world-class cultivation, processing and dispensary facility at 30 Mozzone Boulevard, and will significantly enhance the Company’s capacity to produce high-quality infused cannabis products at scale. The facility expansion will also enable the implementation of high-end automated manufacturing and packaging equipment, further allowing TILT to deliver end-to-end services and customer solutions to cannabis businesses…”

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Business Wire: TILT Holdings Announces Host Community Payment to City of Taunton for Commonwealth Alternative Care

“Commonwealth Alternative Care is a welcome addition to Taunton and its residents,” said Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye. “CAC is bringing new, well-paying jobs to the area, as well as high-quality products to the citizens of Massachusetts. We appreciate this initial Host Community Payment to further support Taunton’s essential city services, and we look forward to our continued positive relationship.”

“We are delighted to serve the people of Massachusetts and are very pleased with our productive relationship with Mayor Hoye and the city of Taunton,” said Alex Coleman, Chairman and CEO of TILT. “We are committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate and are excited about our ongoing partnership as we expand our operations in Taunton and throughout the Commonwealth.”

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The Street: Real Money Goes Behind the Scenes of the Budding Cannabis Industry

“Many investors are setting their eyes on some green in 2019. In this case, that includes the cannabis industry.

Companies such as Tilray, Inc.  (TLRY) , Canopy Growth Corp.  (CGC) , and Cronos Group Inc.  (CRON) have exploded to become some of the most popularly traded stocks on the market. And this has only sped up as the cover on the jar of the American market begins to be pried off.

That being the case, I hopped in my car and set out to Taunton, a small city just southeast of Boston, to do my due diligence and find out more about the ground floor of the newest investment craze.

Pulling off of the highway and past a strip mall, I came upon a nondescript warehouse building emblazoned with a façade reading, Commonwealth Alternative Care.”

ABC 6 WLNE-TV: Taunton medical marijuana dispensary aims to get its recreational license

CAC is just one of three stores in Massachusetts under the multi-national cannabis company, TILT. The other locations will be in Brockton and Cambridge.

"If you look at the numbers coming out of places like Colorado and California, the transition from medical to recreational, you tend to see a 10-15 percent increase in demand when you make it accessible to anybody 21 and older," said TILT CEO Alex Coleman.

If all goes well, Coleman said CAC will have their license to sell recreational marijuana by January. To meet the high demand, they're expecting to fill 225 jobs at the Taunton facility.

"For any municipality that's accepting of cannabis companies, it means jobs, it means tax revenue."

Marijuana isn't only sold at CAC to medical marijuana users, it's also grown there. The facility, that started selling in July, has nearly 20,000 plants in its cultivation processing manufacturing center.

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Taunton Gazette: City Council says yes to Taunton marijuana facility expansion

The medical marijuana facility on Mozzone Boulevard has been open to the public for less than two months. But it’s already taking the next step in terms of growth and expansion.

The nonprofit group that developed and operates the hybrid cultivation-and-retail operation — a registered medical-marijuana dispensary known as Commonwealth Alternative Care Inc. — was granted, by vote of the Taunton City Council, a special permit Tuesday night to expand operations by 80,000 square feet.

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