Meet CAC Taunton's Lead Lab Technician, Jordani

Name: Jordani Joseph
Hometown: Bridgewater, MA
Years in Cannabis: 15 years but 1 year professionally
Nickname: Jay/JJ The Jet plane

Interesting fact:
I can devour a large steak & cheese sub, half a pizza & wash that down with a large order of gold fever chicken tenders with Parmesan peppercorn dressing in under 10 minutes flat.

What did you do before this and how did it prepare you for your role today?
I was cooking at Bridgewater State University. Things were constantly changing there in terms of nutrition for dietary need students and that prepared me for the ever changing processes we do here in the lab. Dealing with unruly college kids prepared me by increasing the amount of patience I currently have.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned about cannabis recently?
Recreational dispensaries In Colorado outnumber Starbucks 3 to 1 while Starbucks outnumber Dunks 5 to 1 & as of last year, Colorado had 481 Starbucks locations.

When outsiders visit the lab for a tour, what are the things that stand out to them?
My lab directors huge THCA crystal, the different tier line of products we produce, our ability to adapt to the changing industry & some people are just baffled learning about the machinery we operate.

Where do you go to learn more about cannabis?
This might sound a bit redundant but I go to work where I can pick the brains of some incredibly intelligent people. However, Google, YouTube & GrassCity won’t hurt if you’re looking to expand your current level of cannabis related knowledge.

What is the coolest new cannabis-related gadget you’ve seen recently?
Cannabis cologne but it’s been on back-order for months

What’s your favorite Commonwealth Alternative Care product right now?
The whole line of  Slate products & not  because I formulate it but because it actually works. My parents are anti-cannabis yet don’t seem to mind it as much considering the fact that their pains are noticeably decreased when using the lotion.

What do you like most about working at Commonwealth Alternative Care?
The fact that we’re actually doing a job that can help people with body aches, anxiety or other situations the patient may have as opposed to just getting “elevated.”

In your opinion, what is the most exciting development in cannabis research in the past year?
That cancer patients report symptom relief by using cannabis & that being mentally elevated will intensify your orgasm .

What’s the best extraction method?
That’s impossible to answer since it all boils down to preference.  What you’re looking for and your reasoning isn’t going to be the same for the people next to you nor myself. For instance, some people only use cold press oil because it never touches any solvents unlike RSO/BHO.

How will different extraction methods impact quality?
That’s a tough question to answer. That’s like asking Jeff Gordon how do different vehicles impact the way he can manipulate said vehicle. First & foremost, when it comes to quality, the quality of the product prior to extraction is what really matters. You can’t go to McDonald’s & expect it to taste like it was made from Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck.

Since you’ve been in the industry, what consumer trends have you seen in the demand for cannabis concentrates?
People love the CO2/vape oil because it’s discreet and some people aren’t as bold as I am in terms of smelling like I rolled out of  bed with a pound of Headband. You can’t always spark one up depending on where you’re at but you can always take a few pulls from your pen.

Is there any part of the extraction process that is dangerous? What kinds of steps are taken to ensure safety in the lab?
Yes, most of the solvents used are extremely flammable/combustible. We constantly double check our equipment prior to our runs & we remain extremely vigilant. We’re constantly adapting and changing processes to ensure maximum safety without sacrificing yields or quality.

What steps do we take to ensure consistency and efficiency of our products?
We hone in on our SOP’s to ensure we are operating on a consistent as opposed to a complacent manner. We’re always update our processes and tend to experiment with different methods for  extracting, harvesting & even tweak the most minute of details such as extracting flower as is versus being ground up.

What is your strain of choice?
I’m married to Sour Diesel & I love her like a fat kid loves cake but I don’t treat her how she should be treated. I have a mistress or two but don’t judge me. Kush, Haze & Cookies understand me in a different manner but don't tell wifey that.

What is your favorite edible?
300mg Wonka bars are where it’s at.

Favorite delivery method?
Fronto stuffed with GAS & if i’m feeling frisky, it’s a Packwood which is 2g stuffed in a backwood which is then rolled in wax/oil and covered in kief.