Meets CAC Taunton's Sales Floor Lead Trainer, Selena

Name: Selena Lopez
Title: Sales Floor Lead Trainer
Hometown: Bronx, NY 
Years in Cannabis: 1 year

“I get butterflies daily because I’m working my dream job,“ Selena Lopez, CAC PSA.png

Favorite Strain of Choice: Peyote Cookies- The coffee aroma is heavenly.
Favorite Edible: Chocolate covered blueberries!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about cannabis recently?: I've learned that various cannabinoids in flower eventually convert into CBN if exposed to oxygen or if they are stored incorrectly. I’m thankful for CBN as CBN helps me sleep! 

What do you do to try and make the dispensary experience better?.: It can be intimidating for a first time patient to shop at a dispensary, so I listen to their needs and make sure they feel like they can take their time.  I also try to build connections with my patients. At the end of the day we all share a love for cannabis, so building connections can really help you learn more about what the patient needs. 

Where do you go for cannabis information?: Besides Leafly, I rely on my team. My co-workers are my best resources. We work with the brightest minds, and our team is constantly expanding. 

What do you love most about working at Commonwealth Alternative Care? : I get butterflies daily because I’m working my dream job.  I get to work with cannabis and meet people from different backgrounds who each have a reason to use cannabis. I engage daily with wonderful minds who share a love for the industry. I love my team, we are a family with each other’s best interest at heart. There's no better feeling then having a patient leave our dispensary, all smiles because of the hard work we put into this everyday!